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The TRACER Excellence Program

The TRACER Excellence Program invests in promising Life Sciences ventures each year by offering an exclusive opportunity to advance their drug development with up to 50% less R&D costs. Among other benefits the program provides (pre-) clinical translation at cost price, business development and regulatory support.

TEP TRACER Excellence Program

The development of new drugs is a challenging and costly process. Most organizations need to raise a significant amount of funding to cover high R&D costs and meet their timelines. At TRACER we realize that a lack of resources can significantly delay or even eliminate new innovations from getting to patients. This is why we founded the TRACER Excellence Program (TEP).

The TEP has a clear mission: to provide highly promising ventures with an exclusive opportunity to accelerate their product development and increase their company valuation quickly. As a result they can get a head start on their drug development process and improve patients lives faster.

What is the TRACER Excellence Program?

The TEP is designed to advance your development program from pre-clinical research till Phase III studies. During this trajectory you will receive full support in (pre-) clinical translation, business development and regulatory guidance.

Clinical translation

TRACER will manage the clinical translation of your compound till phase III at cost price. As a CRO, we are specialized in generating in-human data before phase I. This helps you to significantly reduce R&D costs of your overall drug development process. For example, you can skip large animal models. Additionally, having in-human data before Phase I allows you to shorten your time-to-market by up to 50%.

Business Development

During the TRACER Excellence Program we will help you set business goals for your venture to generate a high return on investment for all stakeholders involved. As a participant you are introduced to a large European and U.S. network. This gives you access to the pharmaceutical industry to find strategic partners that might become an exit partner. Further, with positive in-human data your company valuation will increase at an early stage. After all you have proven that your compound has a high efficacy.

Regulatory support

Navigating the regulatory landscape both in Europe and the United States can seem overwhelming. Namely, the FDA and EMA operate under different standards and requirements. Our team has years of experience in creating the most efficient regulatory path for testing a new drug. In addition, their scientific expertise will help you with advice on how to develop your compound in a way that fits the market.

What do we look for in a Life Sciences venture?

We invite all innovative Life Sciences ventures to apply. Based on the application and due diligence the most promising applicants will be selected to join the TRACER Excellence Program. We invite you to apply if you are:

  • Developing a promising novel technology
  • Ready to start (pre-) clinical work
  • Willing to conduct clinical trials in Europe and the U.S.

Apply today to get a head start on your drug development.

Registration is easy. You can apply for the TRACER Excellence Program by filling out the registration form below. Once we receive your application we will send you a confidentiality agreement (CDA). This allows us to execute due diligence in confidence together. Next, we will provide you with a secured data room to upload the necessary documents for our due diligence.

During the entire process we will keep you updated on a pre-defined schedule. If selected to be part of the program you will receive an official invitation. For others we will provide feedback.

For more information please contact us at

TRACER Excellence Program Application Form

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