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The Nordic Star Program

The North Star has always helped those who follow it in determining direction. A navigation tool that leads (y)our journey ahead. Our Nordic Star Program focuses on Nordic pharma and biotech companies that do just that – set a new direction for patient treatment.

But for you, who is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of patients, the R&D journey can be long and challenging. That’s why we designed the Nordic Star Program. So you don’t have to navigate your drug development alone. Here’s how we empower you to get your drug to patients faster and at a lower cost.

Develop your drug at cost price

We believe that a lack of (financial) resources should not delay or even eliminate your innovations from getting to patients. That’s why Nordic Star participants get margin-free R&D support. You also get to keep your IP and/or equity. We only count on your loyalty.

Simply said, together we take your drug from pre-clinical research to the clinic with our fast in-human approach at cost price. Or if you are already there, your Phase I-III trial. All so you can enjoy lower R&D costs. Our commitment to a more efficient drug development approach is at the forefront of what we do.

Regulatory & clinical trial expertise

Benefit from the expertise of our regulatory, QA, and clinical trial specialists. We will work with you to determine the most efficient regulatory path for testing your drug, covering all aspects from clinical indication to GLP/GMP to IND filing.

This way you will have an FDA/EMA-compliant development plan tailored to your drug. Best of all, this expert support will feel like having your own regulatory and clinical team in-house, without incurring extra costs.

Secure your investment

As a drug developer, you want to focus on advancing your drug to help patients. And not getting drawn into the heavy lifting called fundraising. Our team has successfully helped raise 240M+ for our customers. We’ll work with you to craft a clear and compelling story that showcases the value of your innovation to investors, including a smart R&D plan forward.

From your pitch to your business plan and data to clinical strategy to funding, followed by execution. This way everything is in place for you to secure funding for your drug’s next development step. Even after the program ends.

Join the Nordic Star Program

The program is open for 18 companies in the coming 2 years. You can apply if:

Your company is based in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland.
You are developing a promising (new) drug.
You have a GLP product or are ready to produce a GLP product.

Schedule a 20-minute call to learn more about the Nordic Star Program or send an e-mail to

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