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Prof. Go van Dam, MD, PhD CEO & Founder

A pioneer in the optical imaging field with ground breaking research to his name.

Co-founder Prof. Van Dam, surgeon oncologist and professor of Surgery at Groningen University, trained at Harvard, the Mayo Clinic and NCI. He has published the 1st in-human application of targeted fluorescence imaging in 2011 (Nature Medicine) and published more than 140 papers predominantly on the subject of clinical translation of innovative targeted optical molecular imaging. More recently, he has published on the importance of standardization for validation of clinical fluorescent imaging studies towards an industrial standard.

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Ari Aminetzah, MBA, PhD candidate CBO & Founder

A life science veteran with over 25 years of international experience in the industry.

Co-founder Ari is a senior life sciences veteran, with executive business development roles among others at J&J and Crucell, a vaccine company sold to J&J for $2.7B. Ari also serves as advisor to the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, McKinsey & Co and multiple ventures in Europe and the USA.

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Maarten Brom, PhD VP Translational Nuclear Imaging & Technology Assessment

A seasoned scientist, specialised in chemistry and nuclear imaging techniques.

Maarten is a senior scientist with a focus on the development and characterization of radiolabeled and fluorescent tracers. He had various roles as a scientist at the Radboud Univeristy Medical Center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, where his research in in vivo imaging techniques had a strong translational character.

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Tessa Aminetzah VP Commercial Operations

A creative and analytical brand storyteller with an international business background.

Tessa has a double degree in International Business and Management both from Eastern Kentucky University and Avans Hogeschool in Breda, the Netherlands. She has presented at the Academy of Business Research conference and excels in strengthening marketing efforts of startup ventures both in Europe and the USA.

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Pieter Steinkamp, MD, PhD candidate Medical Writer & Project Manager

Pieter received his Medical Doctor degree in 2016 at the University of Groningen. He worked as a resident of surgery in the Martini Hospital. Since 2018, Pieter is a PhD candidate in fluorescence-guided and optoacoustic imaging at the Optical Molecular Imaging Group.

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Floris Voskuil, MD, PhD Visiting Physician-scientist

Floris is a Medical Doctor obtained his PhD-degree at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. His thesis was focused on (molecular) fluorescence imaging of solid tumors and is involved in multiple clinical phase I/II studies, both investigator initiated and industrial driven.

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Yester Janssen, MD, MSc, PhD candidate Director Clinical Operations

Yester is a Medical Doctor who also holds a Business Administration degree from the University of Groningen (2018), the Netherlands. Besides being a Physician-scientist at TRACER he is currently obtaining his PhD in fluorescence-guided and nuclear molecular imaging within the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and the Optical Molecular Imaging Groningen group at the University Medical Center Groningen UMCG).

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Edit Kiss, Msc Business Development Manager

Edit has a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. She worked at the Embassy of Israel in Budapest where she was responsible for managing the Public Diplomacy Department. Edit earned her Master Degree in International Relations at the Corvinus University in Budapest and also holds a Master Degree in English from the University of Szeged in Hungary. She speaks several languages including Hungarian, English, Dutch and Italian.

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Marjolein van der Laan Human Resources & Development Manager

An experienced coordinator with a passion for entrepreneurship that creates positive impact on society. In her previous supervisory roles within the mental healthcare and restaurant industry, Marjolein demonstrated that her accurate and efficient way of working significantly contributes to the growth of any team and organization.

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Eline Feitsma, MD Physician-scientist

Eline obtained her degree as a medical doctor at the University of Groningen in 2019. She has worked as a resident of Surgery in the UMCG before she started as a PhD candidate in 2021. Her research is mainly focused on optical imaging in thyroid surgery.

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Milou Noltes, MD, PhD Clinical Imaging Specialist

Milou is a Medical Doctor and obtained her PhD-degree at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Her thesis was focused on nuclear and fluorescence (molecular) imaging of parathyroid glands to improve surgical outcomes.

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Bob Wesdorp Content Marketing Manager

Bob has a strong focus on marketing and sales. His knowledge and experience as SEO specialist and entrepreneur translate to content strategies on search engine optimization and lead generation.

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Mayke van Wijk Office Manager

Mayke has experience in several industries, ranging from international meat trading to mental health care industry. She lived and worked in Spain for 5 years and now speaks perfect Spanish. With Mayke's keen eye and well-developed organizational skills she contributes to a pleasant workplace for all.

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Martina Ambrož Clinical Project Manager

Martina previously worked in different roles and therapeutic areas within the pharmaceutical industry in Slovenia. Besides working as a Clinical Project Manager at TRACER, she is currently finalizing her PhD at the University Medical Center Groningen on the topic of personalized medicine in type 2 diabetes. Martina earned a Master of Pharmacy degree at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2014.

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