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In-human Optical and Nuclear Molecular Imaging in Drug Development. Clinical Translation of Optical Tracer for Image-guided Surgery, -Pathology and Endoscopy In-Human Applications. Consultancy in Designing your Project Plan, Business Plan and Impact and Training of Optical Molecular Imaging Techniques In Patients and Ex Vivo

The Nordic Star Program
The TRACER Excellence Program

A unique opportunity for Life Sciences ventures to accelerate their drug development and lower R&D costs with up to 50%.

COVID-19 Rapid Cure Task Force

The Rapid Cure Task Force provides global access to immediately generate in-human data on a potential COVID-19 treatment or vaccine.

Drug development

TRACER is changing the drug development landscape with accurate data for early go/no-go decisions.

Optical tracers

TRACER provides the complete clinical translation of optical tracers.

Consultancy & Training

Drug development consultancy services by TRACER’s science and business team experts.