Frontrunner in molecular imaging innovations.

Complete translational service: GLP/GMP-labeling, phase I – III clinical trials. Microdosing in-human. Extensive clinical network providing fastest patient accrual rate for multiple indications in Europe and the United States. Complete portfolio of imaging modalities. Standardized analytical platform

Expertise Technologies

Optical Molecular Imaging

For fastest and accurate data, TRACER uses optical imaging and in-human microdosing techniques.

Nuclear molecular imaging

TRACER applies PET in drug development to accelerate new drugs to the market.

Expertise Therapeutics


TRACER accelerates oncology drug development with its unique working methodology.


Serving companies that develop anti-inflammatory drugs at the fastest pace and with the most accurate molecular imaging data possible.

Infectious diseases

TRACER changes the ways of diagnosing, treating and monitoring treatment in bacterial infections.


TRACER provides an in-human model for cardiovascular disease.