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In-Human Microdosing Webinar

November 12, 2020 | online

While R&D costs rise and productivity falls, the pressure to achieve return on investment for new innovative drugs is higher than ever before. Therefore, we are organising a webinar on "How to accelerate drug development and reduce costs with in-human data (before Phase I)".

Why join? The webinar will teach you how to make use of a so called microdosing strategy to accelerate the development of your drug(s). The FDA approved microdosing concept shows whether a tested compound reaches the target tissue in humans. This data is gathered before Phase I. By employing a microdosing strategy a drug developer gains many advantages, such as:

  • Make early go/no-go decisions on MNEs
  • Skip costly large animal toxicity studies by having in-human data
  • Monitor progression of diseases or results of treatment over time
  • Boost company valuations with positive in-human data even before Phase I

Already want to know more about in-human microdosing and what it can do for your drug development process? We wrote a blog about the FDA approved concept of microdosing. A great introduction to our webinar.

For this webinar please register below to claim your spot.

Date: October 29, 2020

Time: 7am-8am (PDT)/10am-11am (EDT)/4pm-5pm (CEST)

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