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Our Accelerator

AxelaRx Biosciences Inc. is our U.S. based full service venture accelerator. AxelaRx is founded on the belief that efforts of Life Sciences ventures should know no boundaries. It focuses on bringing U.S. and European Life Sciences closer together. Through its membership and accelerator program, AxelaRx provides Life Sciences ventures with the ability to set up, accelerate and do business in the United States and vice versa.

A full service venture accelerator.

AxelaRx offers free membership to any Life Sciences venture. With this membership companies gain access to all services needed to succeed in the United States. Whether success means setting up a business in the United States or finding the right U.S. partner while staying in Europe. Services include investment & finance, regulatory, business development, legal, marketing and business support. Furthermore, AxelaRx has its own accelerator program for members and non-members that wish to accelerate their program even faster.

Fastest to patients.

AxelaRx’s accelerator program focuses on advancing innovative technologies and intellectual property from discovery through clinical trials all the way to commercialization. These programs consist of licensed intellectual property for small and large molecules in therapies in oncology, immunotherapy and inflammation.

AxelaRx applies molecular imaging techniques to accelerate the drug development of its programs. As a result it offers up to 50% faster time to market than the conventional method offered by other accelerators. This results from providing business expertise and partnering with TRACER as its in-house CRO for molecular optical imaging services.

In addition, AxelaRx offers management, business development, regulatory and all other necessary capabilities provided by industry veterans and world leading scientists in the field. This ensures a successful fastest time-to-market and high return to its shareholders.

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Our Heritage

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The team behind TRACER offers many years of experience in both international business and science.